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Chevening Scholarship 2022: An Early Notice The Chevening Secretariat has informed everyone that applications will start on August 3rd, 2021, and finish on November 2nd, 2021. Chevening is a fully funded UK government scholarship for a full-time one-year master’s degree program in the UK. We’ll show you how to get a Chevening Scholarship in this post.

There is no requirement for professional work experience. Last year, 1800 Chevening Scholarships were awarded to students from various corners of the world. Due to the COVID-19, Chevening removed the English Language Requirement such as IELTS or TOEFL last year.

This year, we’re not sure what they’ll do. Any country can apply for a Chevening Scholarship. There are no restrictions based on the country. For all countries, the deadline to apply will be the same. The scholarship will pay for your housing, tuition, fees, airline tickets, books, stipend, and travel expenses, among other things.

So don’t worry, you won’t have to pay anything. However, in order to be selected for the Chevening scholarship for the year 2022, you must dedicate the majority of your time to this. We’ll walk you through the entire procedure, including requirements, Chevening scholarship hacks, and what it takes to obtain a Chevening scholarship.

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How to Win a Chevening Scholarship?

Application Tips for Chevening Scholarship
Chevening has a high level of prestige because of its long search. They received nearly 68,000 applications from 168 countries in 2020, but only 1,800 of us were accepted. You have the option of choosing from over 12,000 master’s courses offered by over 150 different institutions of higher learning. At least three courses must be listed on your Chevening application. The One-Year Master’s Program includes all courses.

Pro Tip: To ensure admission, apply to at least 5 to 6 institutions. This is because if you don’t get accepted to any of the universities listed on your application form but get accepted to a 4th university (not included on the application form), your scholarship may still be secured.

If you’ve been invited for an interview, you can tell them about the fourth university to which you’ve been offered admission. NOTE: If you are applying for Chevening at this time, you do not need to have a letter of acceptance from your university. In your application, give preference to universities where you believe you have the best chance of being accepted. However, you might change your mind during the interview stage.

The application, interview, conditional offer, final award, and pre-departure briefing stages of the selection process take around a year. I won’t lie: the process will test your mental and emotional strength, but don’t let that stop you from taking advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Chevening won the hearts in this scene. You do not need to have any work experience to apply to Chevening. Applicants for Chevening Scholarships must have at least two years of work experience.

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The following types of work experience are eligible for Chevening:

  • Full-time employment
  • Part-time employment
  • Voluntary work
  • Paid or unpaid internships
  • Freelancing

You do not have to complete the work experience requirement in a single job. To achieve the requirement, applicants can submit up to ten separate employment periods. Please provide the periods that make up the biggest amount of hours worked if you have held more than ten roles. Chevening Scholarships – two years’ work experience = 2,800 hours.

How to Win a Chevening Scholarship Interview?

You’ll have around an hour during the interview to persuade a panel that you’re deserving of this wonderful opportunity. Here are a few general guidelines to keep in mind. If you are selected for a Chevening Scholarship interview, you will be invited to meet with the British embassy or high commission in the city/town where you live.

Book a Morning Slot

If you are chosen for a Chevening Interview for the scholarship, you can schedule an interview time window. Make every effort to schedule an appointment in the morning. Teachers, judges, and interviewers are known to be tougher when they are tired, according to studies.

Imagine having to interview 5–6 people every day for 15 days straight. You’d be sick of it by the end. As a result, you should catch the panel first thing in the morning, when they are in their best mood.

Be Consistent with your Essays

The interview panel will spend the most of the time asking for further information to clarify the points you made in your essays. You should know everything there is to know about your essays. Consistency is essential in your essay (especially when discussing your passion and motivation), since it gives the appearance of self-assurance and genuineness.

You should dive deep into what you wrote, dissecting not only your experience but also your logic and motive (why and how you performed specific things), passion, and ambitions (what drives you forward). The panel will not ask you to repeat what you’ve already written, but rather dig deeper into the details to determine your genuine motivation.

Examples of Chevening Interview Questions

  • Why am I interested in Chevening?
  • Why am I interested in studying in the United Kingdom?
  • Why did I choose this particular course of study?
  • What makes me think of myself as a leader?
  • My Short term and long-term professional goals (especially linking it to what the UK is doing in my country).
  • How will my country benefit from my experience and expertise in the future?

Essay Questions

There are four essays in all, each of which should be 500 words long.

1st essay is about candidates networking skills

  • On a national and international level, a candidate should describe his networking and personal relationships.
  • He should discuss how he interacts with people from other professions, such as government and international representatives, public officials, and academia.
  • He should talk about how he is conversant with many cultures, age groups, and socioeconomic strata.
  • He should give a quick explanation of the length of time he has been in long-term relationships.
  • He should go into further detail on his communication abilities in several areas.

2nd essay would ask you about your leadership qualities

  • A candidate should describe the situations in which he has acted as a leader.
  • In several projects, he showed good team management skills.
  • He described how he managed community projects on a tight budget.
  • How he weighed in on each member’s viewpoint and negotiated among them.
  • How he led successful projects while working with a variety of personalities.
  • How his leadership project benefited his community in the long run and resulted in a positive outcome.

3rd Essay would ask you about future career plans

  • A candidate should discuss his career goals and how they would help his neighborhood or country.
  • All objectives should be well-thought-out and achievable.
  • A social, academic, and professional approach should be included in a candidate’s preparations.
  • A candidate’s skills, volunteer activities, and employment experience must all be mentioned.

4th essay would be about why you want to pursue your studies in the UK

  • Although the desire to study in the United Kingdom differs from person to person, the reasons for doing so must be valid and reasonable.
  • The United Kingdom has a strong reputation for one-year master’s programmes.
  • The United Kingdom is home to some of the world’s greatest universities.
  • The United Kingdom is a top academic country.
  • A candidate’s interest in cross-cultural understanding should be mentioned.
  • A candidate must have an interest in international research that will benefit the community.

Reference Letters:

  1. A candidate is required to submit two letters of recommendation.
  2. A referee must be familiar with the applicant on a professional or academic level.
  3. Once a candidate is shortlisted, the British council will verify reference letters.

I believe that if you follow the following guidelines, you will be able to make your application stand out. More information about How to Win a Chevening Scholarship can be found by conducting a search.

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